lunes, 27 de septiembre de 2010

Wasting time with no waste.

Making plans, layed down over the bed with almost lights out but a lighted candle. Thinking about the things I could do, the places I could go, and the friends I could be with at those imaginary moments.
Having my iPod, playing music, and listening to it with my big black-orange-white headphones. Getting a playlist done with the songs I think we'd like to listen to while driving at the highway; sweet-light balads, singing along.
A video-camera recording everything we do and say, catching smiles, laughing, having fun. I really can feel the wind on my face, the speed.
Dreaming with a "winter love". Yes, a "winter love" would be ideal. To love, to be loved, to kiss, to breath.
And I'm feeling quite secure to consider a place for getting all these thoughts as reality: San Cristóbal de las Casas.
People on streets, the dynamics of the city, artists, tourists, strange faces, new sensations, new people, and a lot of adventures. What a place! And I'm thinking December too. Oh, that's it. Can smell the cold weather at a cottage, the wood's fragance, and the dew at the day's first hours. Why can not think about bonfires using the fireplace, eating sweet marshmallows? That'd be nice too.
All these stuff like a dream, best friends, lovers, places, feelings; that's what it is: A dream.

I'm dreaming out loud and it feels good.

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Caballo navegante dijo...

Que bocanada de aire fresco recibe tu alma al soñar!
Lo más bonito aún que nosotros lo hacemos contigo!
Que bien que seas plurilingüe, que enriquecedor! ;)
1 fuerte saludo, niña!